How to grow muscle fast?

How to grow muscle fast?

Create your own fitness program and train at least one circuit per week


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principles of muscle growth

The muscles of the human body are composed of muscle fibers, and the number of muscle fibers is determined by genes. If you want to increase the muscle circumference, you must thicken the original muscle fibers through weight-bearing exercise. During heavy training, the muscles will be congested and even It will cause partial rupture of muscle cells, but there is no need to worry. After training, supplement a large amount of nutrients, protein, etc. to repair damaged muscles. Through repair, when the damaged muscle fibers are completely healed, the muscles will become thicker. Constantly strong weight training, muscle contraction, will cause the muscle to continue to rupture, regenerate, expand and grow. If it persists for a long time, the muscle will become larger.


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For those in the novice welfare period, the muscles of the body have never felt such resistance, and the muscle building effect will be faster. For the old players, they already have a certain amount of muscle mass, and the muscles have long been used to it. This training mode or Resistance, etc., the muscle-building effect will be slower. The longer you practice, the slower the muscle-building speed will become. At this time, to break through the bottleneck period, you need to constantly change the weight, number of sets, intervals, movements, etc., so that Muscles regain their freshness to improve muscle building efficiency.

Large weight

The secret to building muscle, these 16 must know

For weight, it must be increasing. If you train easily for a long time, the effect is almost zero. When the weight is slightly higher than the weight you can bear, the stimulation of the muscles will be stronger. According to your physical fitness, find a suitable weight for yourself. Weight, when doing heavy weight training, it is best to find a friend to assist, the effect will be better.


Low reps

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The number of training will affect the direction of the muscle shape. According to research, under standard movements, when the weight is sufficient (must not be very light or exceed a lot of weight that you cannot bear), the maximum number of times each group can be completed, 6 times or less are used for Increasing strength can make muscles thicker, 6-10 times can make muscles increase, strength is improved, but endurance increase is not obvious, 10-15 times muscle growth is not obvious, but strength and endurance are improved, more than 25 times muscle line Significantly, endurance improved, but strength was not significantly improved.



There is no single movement that can fully train a muscle group. Each muscle group contains many different muscles, and each movement is trained for different positions, such as biceps, long heads, short heads, and triceps. The head muscles are divided into long heads, medial heads, lateral heads, etc. It requires the coordination of multiple movements to fully stimulate the muscles and coordinate the development of the muscles to grow better.


 Multiple groups

If the number of sets is too small, the muscles will not feel well, and the goal of muscle building will not be achieved at all. Each exercise should be at least 5 sets. For movements that feel good to the muscles, it can even be increased to 10 sets, so that the muscles will feel sore, bloated, full, and Dilated, engorged, muscles noticeably enlarged during training.

Long displacement

When doing any action, you must try to lengthen the movement trajectory under the premise of standard actions - long displacement, fully stretch the muscles, stimulate the muscles more, and at the same time the shape of the muscles will become better.

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