About Us

Our Story

We were born on October 1, 2019, We are specialists in creative workout products, dedicated to providing you the best products for a comfortable and cozy life.

Our Belief--Master Your Time

Everyone has their own fitness plan, but traditional timers cannot be tailored for themselves.
We have developed this portable timer for this purpose. More powerful and fully portable design

Our Mission

At Slevio our mission is to encourage health and make fitness accessible to everyone all the time. We want to help people to learn, build, and grow. Not only physically but in all aspects of fitness, from conditioning to nutrition to mental health - the benefits of deciding to get fit, to exercise more, to Scientific training plan extend way beyond our physical health into all aspects of our personal & work lives.

Our Team

Made of people who live and breath fitness, the Slevio team is dedicated to provide you with what you need to achieve your gym goals.
Through its growing suite of gym timer, Slevio is redefining the personal training plan and bringing an effective, results-driven model to more homes than ever before.

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