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We aim to produce the best timepieces to meet the needs of our customers through continuous technological change. Provide customers with easy-to-use, high-quality timers.

Custom Private Fitness Training

Experience the next level of fitness training with our Custom Private Fitness Training program. Designed to cater to your unique goals and preferences, our personalized approach ensures you reach your full potential and achieve the results you desire.


Versatile and Reliable for All Occasions

With a large anti-glare screen featuring illuminated seven-segment LEDs and an anti-glare lens, the timer offers excellent visibility from any angle. Whether you're doing cross fitness, training, playing softball, cooking, attending a meeting, or engaging in outdoor sports, the SLEVIO timer is suitable for all occasions.


About Slevio

Who are we?
We were born on October 1, 2019, We are specialists in creative workout products, dedicated to providing you the best products for a comfortable and cozy life.
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