Where should fitness start? How to customize a fitness plan that suits you?

Where should fitness start? How to customize a fitness plan that suits you?

Where should I start with fitness so that I can exercise more efficiently and develop a satisfactory body?

Don't be confused about fitness, we must fully understand the relevant knowledge of fitness, and learn to customize a plan that suits us, so that we can develop a good figure and avoid fitness.

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So, how do you customize a fitness program that suits you? Before customizing a fitness plan, we need to avoid these mistakes:

1. The plan of the blind mode fitness veteran

Many novice fitness practitioners do not follow their actual situation and see the video of iron lifting by fitness veterans, and they also carry out heavy weight training.

The plan of fitness veterans is not suitable for novices. The physical endurance and muscle strength of novices are very weak. We must start with low-weight training and choose suitable movements according to our exercise needs, rather than blindly imitating novices.

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2. The fitness plan remains unchanged for a long time

The fitness plan is not static. Generally, after 2-3 months, our strength level and comprehensive physical fitness will improve. At this time, we should optimize the fitness plan and increase the difficulty of training, so as to avoid the body falling into the comfort zone and the development of the body. in a bottleneck period.

We need to increase the intensity of aerobic exercise, change the content of aerobic exercise, and also need to increase the level of weight-bearing and strengthen the difficulty of strength training, so that we can continue to burn fat and build muscle and create an excellent body line.

3. Not keeping up with the diet

In addition to training, the fitness plan also needs to arrange a reasonable diet plan. If your diet is not synchronized, it is easy to make your training plan in vain.
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When exercising, we must manage our diet, control calorie intake reasonably, balance nutritional intake, and pay attention to protein supplementation in order to supplement amino acids to muscles and promote muscle synthesis.

Suggestion: The ratio of carbohydrates: protein: fat in fitness meals is 5:3:2, which is recognized as the golden match for fitness meals.

A scientific fitness plan should look like this:
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1. Warm up and stretch

Don't ignore the warm-up before exercising. Warm-up and stretching can activate joints, activate muscle groups, improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of sports injuries, and avoid muscle stretching and joint sprains.

2. First strength training and then aerobic exercise

People who lose fat mainly focus on aerobic exercise, which can be 20-30 minutes of strength training, and then arrange 40-50 minutes of aerobic exercise. People who gain muscle focus on strength training, which can be 40-50 minutes of strength training, and then arrange 20 minutes. - 30 minutes of cardio.
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The principle of strength training is to first familiarize yourself with the action standards, start with a low weight level, and then gradually increase the weight level, so as to reduce the risk of injury and improve the muscle building effect.

The principle of aerobic exercise is to choose low-intensity exercise to start, such as cycling, brisk walking, playing ball, swimming, jogging and other sports, which can gradually improve cardiopulmonary function, strengthen physical endurance, and then increase the training intensity, and choose the one with higher fat burning efficiency. Exercise, try variable speed running, HIIT interval training, skipping rope, etc.

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3. Stretch and relax

Be sure to stretch and relax the muscle groups after fitness training, which can relieve congestion problems and improve delayed-onset muscle soreness after exercise.

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